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Impact Task 10: Operational phase of PEEX

PEEX “Pan-Eurasian Experiment” study is a multidisciplinary climate change, air quality, environment and research infrastructure program focused on the Northern Eurasian particularly arctic and boreal regions. It is a bottom up initiative by several European, Russian and Chinese research organizations and institutes. PEEX is open for new institutes to join in.


  • organization of science conferences, meetings, sessions in international conferences
  • joint research applications and projects together with Russian and Chinese partners
  • enhancing further development and co-location of in situ station networks in Northern Eurasian region in a frame of GlobalSMEAR
  • enhancing the education system e.g doctoral programs development in the Northern Eurasian countries

For more information, read the PEEX Science Plan.

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Website: PEEX website

Twitter:  @PEEX_News

Email contact: peex-hq(a)

Fig 1. The PEEX programme aims to address Global Environmental Challenges