ACCC Science

ACCC will provide breakthrough advances in climate and air quality research needed for achieving climate neutrality in Finland, as a front-runner for global climate neutrality.

ACCC has three Research Programs currently planned:

  • Research Program (R) 1 – Quantifying and activating the potential of land-based climate change mitigation
  • Research Program (R) 2 – Quantifying the air quality (AQ)-climate interactions and their impacts
  • Research Program (R) 3 – Climate change impacts and adaptation

The collaboration partners representing the policy making sectors, private sector and other stakeholders are in close interaction with the research programs and participate in the impact programs.

Some examples of ACCC Impact projects include the verification of carbon sinks and emissions with the Verified Climate Safety initiative, assessing air quality and climate impacts through research with the ACCC Service Portal, educating the future change makers at the Climate University, and hosting Science Diplomacy and Society Forums. For more information visit our Collaborations page.