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”Northern #agriculture grasslands can contribute to #climatechange mitigation”, #LauraHeimsch and us co-authors report 2-year CO2 flux measurements in #Qvidja @EGU_BioGeo. #CarbonAction #stnMULTA @Akatemia_STN @ACCC_FS @IlmaTiede @helsinkiuni @INAR_fin

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​Research Programmes

Anna Lintunen

INAR, University of Helsinki

Impact Programme

Hanna Lappalainen

INAR, University of Helsinki ​

Business Cooperation

Sami Paatero

Cooperation with Asian Countries

Joni Kujansuu

University of Helsinki

Organization-specific Contact Persons and Areas of Responsibility

​INAR, University of Helsinki

Sija Häme

Research Coordinator, ACCC office​

Stephany Mazon​

Science Communicator, English communications


Otso Peräkylä ​

Emailing-list management


Rosa Rantanen​

Research Coordinator, Finnish communications, civil society collaboration​



Finnish Meteorological Institute

Tero Siili

Research Coordinator (primary contact person in FMI)

Åsa Stam

Research Coordinator

University of Eastern Finland

Santtu Mikkonen

Research Coordinator


ACCC Directors


Markku Kulmala

University of Helsinki​

Vice Directors

Jaana Bäck

University of Helsinki​

Ari Laaksonen

Finnish Meteorological Institute​​

Miikka Dal Maso

University of Tampere

Annele Virtanen

University of Eastern Finland