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The ACCC Service Portal compiles links to ACCC data providers that include comprehensive environmental observations and multiscale models.

Data provider Description
ACTRIS (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure) data portal. ACTRIS is a long-term atmospheric data (aerosol, clouds and reactive trace gases data) from over 1200 locations around the world.
PEcAn: The Predicitve Ecosystem Analyzer      
Carbon Action Field Observatory program improves soil health, increase and verifies soil carbon sequestration, and makes the progress visible. Over a hundred carbon farmers are currently testing different farming methods on their fields throughout Finland. Soil and microbial analyses, atmospheric measurements and modeling are used to study the fluxes and sequestration of carbon in test fields. Website:
Carbon Action platform develops and researches ways of accelerating soil carbon sequestration and verifying the results scientifically. Carbon farming nurtures soil and secures sustainable food production. In Carbon Action projects scientists, farmers and companies work together to enhance carbon storing regenerative agriculture.  Website:
iCUPE data products aimed towards a better integration between existing in-situ observational networks for polar measurement data on short-lived air pollutants including both aerosols and trace gases, as well as contaminants. Website:
Delivered Data Sets:
SmartSMEAR is a data visualization and download tool for the database of continuous atmospheric, flux, soil, tree physiological and water quality measurements at SMEAR research stations of the University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland.
Website: here. Visit SMEAR Station wiki for further instructions.
Yasso soil carbon modelling  is a dynamic model of the cycling of organic carbon in soil. It calculates the amount of soil organic carbon, changes in the amount of soil organic carbon and heterotrophic soil respiration.

Project NameDescription
Black Carbon Footprint
Twitter: @BCFootprint
Climate University
Online courses for change-makers.
Climate University website and courses: 
Climate University blog: 
Academy research project on climate competencies:

In you can ask anything about climate, climate change and its impacts, behavior of climate system itself or anything related to climate. We will find researchers and experts to answer directly to you!
PEEX (Pan-Eurasian Experiment) program is a multidisciplinary climate change, air quality, environment and research infrastructure initiative focused on the Northern Eurasian particularly Arctic and boreal regions. webiste:
Regenerative farming e-learning course
A free e-college for regenerative farming that provides research and farmers’ first-hand experiences in an easy-to-grasp format, accessible to all.
in Finnish,
in Swedish,

TUBE – Transport derived Ultrafines and the Brain Effects
TUBE-project unites interdisciplinary expertise to study the adverse effects of extremely fine particles (UFP’s) in the human lung and brain.
Twitter: @TUBE_EU_Project