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IMPACT Program

From deep scientific understanding to practical solutions

There are currently 40 partners involved in the ACCC Flagship cooperation. The cooperation seeks to predict and verify the effects of climate action on practical business life, sustainable investment and the transformation of different sectors. The collaboration partners representing the policy making sectors, private sector and other stakeholders are in close interaction with the research programs and participate in the impact programs.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please be in contact us!

The 16 Impact Tasks:

1. Carbon sequestration of agricultural land
2. Verification of forest climate effects
3. C-neutrality & Company compensations
4. Climate neutral cities & a healthy atmosphere
5. Novel eddy tech to observe C-sink
6. Novel atmospheric observation tech
7. Solving the air pollution coctail
8. Climate Analytics
9. Supporting policies and practices
10. Operational phase of PEEX
11. Global Observatory
12. Science Diplomacy
13. Climate University
14. Safer Climate
15. Global South
16. ACCC Roadmap