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Measurement data, visualization tools, models

Own actively maintained data repositories

Data provider Description
SmartSMEAR is a data visualization and download tool for the database of continuous atmospheric, flux, soil, tree physiological and water quality measurements at SMEAR research stations of the University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland.
Website: here. Visit SMEAR Station wiki for further instructions.

Actively maintained research infrastructure repositories including our data

Data provider Description
ACTRIS (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure) data portal. ACTRIS is a long-term atmospheric data (aerosol, clouds and reactive trace gases data) from over 1200 locations around the world.

ICOS data portal on greenhouse gas measurements,
(Hyytiälä, Siikaneva, Puijo, Utö, Pallas)

More data in the future from Hyytiälä, Värriö, Pallas-Sodankylä
iCUPE data products aimed towards a better integration between existing in-situ observational networks for polar measurement data on short-lived air pollutants including both aerosols and trace gases, as well as contaminants. Website:
Delivered Data Sets:

Big Earth Data Science Engineering Program (CASEarth)
Big Earth Data Science Engineering Program (CASEarth), Strategic Priority Research Program (Class A), Chinese Academy of Sciences

CBAS – SDG Big Data Platform
CBAS – SDG Big Data Platform

Modelling RI

Project NameDescription
Center for Science ComputingCSC

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather ForecastsECMWF

Modelling Projects

Project NameDescription
FOCINon-CO2 Forcers and their Climate, Weather, Air Quality and Health Impacts
RI-URBANSResearch Infrastructures Services Reinforcing Air Quality Monitoring Capacities in European Urban& Industrial Area

Climate Relevant interactions and feedbacks: the key role of sea ice and Snow in the polar and global climate system
OceanNETsOcean-based Negative Emissions Technologies
FORCeSConstrained aerosol forcing for improved climate projections
Next Generation Earth Modelling Systems
Marine organic aerosol and its impacts on clouds and climate
NETSNegative emissions technologies
OptiMitOptimal role of global forests in climate change mitigation 
SuCCESsSustainable Climate Change Mitigation Strategies in Energy-Land-Material Systems
Magica / JPI ClimateConnecting Climate Knowledge for Europe
Enviro-PEEX(Plus)Research and development for integrated meteorology – atmospheric composition multi-scales and – processes modelling for the Pan-Eurasian EXperiment (PEEX) domain for weather, air quality and climate applications
FinscapesFinnish Scenarios for Climate Change Research Addressing Policies, Regions and Integrated Systems
NICEST2Nordic Collaboration on e-Infrastructures for Earth System Modeling
HERCULESHEalth, Risk and Climate change: Understanding Links between Exposure, hazards and vulnerability across spatial and temporal Scales