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Impact Task 1 : Carbon sequestration of agricultural land

Main goal during the flagship program 2021-2024 is to develop methodology to estimate carbon sinks and other climate impacts (CarbonSink+) of agricultural land for greenhouse gas inventories, carbon markets and carbon footprint assessments. The work consists of the following parts conducted in collaboration with stakeholders in consecutive, parallel and cyclical manners. It makes use of Carbon Action platform that combines science, farmers and companies (

  • Verification methodology concept (Fig. 1)
  • In situ measurements
  • Satellite measurements
  • Vegetation and soil modelling, e.g.
  • Data analyses
  • Computing environment (Fer et al. 2020. Global Change Biology)
  • Demonstrating applications
  • Visualizing applications (Fig. 2.)

Relevant scientific literature: Fer, I, Gardella, AK, Shiklomanov, AN, et al. Beyond ecosystem modeling: A roadmap to community cyberinfrastructure for ecological data‐model integration. Glob Change Biol. 2020; 27: 13– 26.

Fig. 1. Verification methodology concept
Fig. 2. Visualizing applications