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Impact Task 2 : Verification of forest climate effects

Verification of forest stocks and soil as carbon sink and storage, and climate effects of reforestation and afforestation aiming to quantitatively determine the carbon sequestration of a new forest, the overall cooling effect on climate, and its effect on rain production.

Main goals during the flagship program 2021-2024 are to:

  • verify carbon sink and CarbonSink+ (accounts albedo, aerosol-cloud-climate and water cycle effects) for different forest ecosystems in Finland and globally (e.g. Russia, China) including peatlands
  • identify forestry practices that are the most efficient for climate change mitigation, taking into account also the multi-functionality and economic value of forest production
  • facilitate active interaction and promote collaboration between the ACCC research programs and partner organizations, companies and stakeholders
  • promote the use of results and deliverable coming from the project among the stakeholders.

The implementation is described in different levels as follows: