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Impact Task 13: Climate University

Climate University is a network of 12 universities and 6 universities of applied sciences in Finland that develops climate change and sustainability teaching in higher education. The network has co-created a set of nine online courses freely available for everyone, funded by Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra 2018-2020: Network supports co-teaching and does close collaboration with schools and working life. We also study the learning of the competencies of effective climate change mitigation and adaptation in the education system (ClimComp project of the Academy of Finland 2021-2024).

Main goals during the flagship program 2021-2024 are to:

  1. Develop and foster climate and sustainability teaching in higher education;
  2. Strengthen the network in Finland: support teachers and get the Climate University courses in to curricula of all Higher Education Institutions in Finland; and
  3. Scale up internationally: get international Higher Education Institutions to take the courses into their curricula.

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Academy research project on climate competencies:

Climate University offers 9 online courses freely available for everyone