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Impact Task 11: Global Observatory

The Grand Challenges are highly connected and interlinked, they cannot be solved separately. To find practical solutions, a deep understanding based on new scientific knowledge based on advanced data is needed. Global Earth observatory network with well-equipped ground stations around the world would track Earth surface–atmosphere interactions and energy flows. To detect the state of atmosphere the novel in situ data would be linked to data from satellite-based remote sensing, laboratory experiments and computer models.


  • to co-design Global Observatory concept together with Pan-Eurasian EXperiment (PEEX) Initiative, Digital Belt and Road (DBAR) , WMO GAW and Future Earth, ICOS, ACTRIS, eLTER
  • to carry out national projects developing in situ observation systems like HAZE Beijing and JirLATEST in China and Russian Mega Grant “Megapolis – heat and pollution island”
  • to develop the SMEAR concept

For more information visit the GlobalMEAR Website

Twitter:  @GlobalSMEAR

Email contact: acccflagship(a)