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ACCC relevant recommended publications for read

EU Climate target 2040. Ottmar Edenhofer presentation 17.Jan.24 in Helsinkipdf
Scientific advice for the determination of an EU-wide 2040 climate target and a greenhouse gas budget for 2030–2050
Briefing: Legal risks of carbon offsets, ClientEarthpdf
EU Factsheet on carbon removalpdf
McKey at al. 2022: Exceeding 1.5C global warming, Sciencepdf
EU Parliament: On Carbon removals 2022pdf
Columns in newspaper Kalevapdf
Secure robust carbon dioxide removal policy through credible certificationpdf
Carbon Stocks and Transfers in Coniferous Boreal Forests Along a Latitudinal Gradientpdf
How do harvesting methods applied in continuous-cover forestry and rotation forest management impact soil carbon storage and degradability in boreal Scots pine forests?pdf