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ACCC Publications- old

Find a collection of recent publications from each of the four ACCC partner institutes (INAR, UEF, TAU, FMI).


Lappalainen, H., et al.: (2022) Overview: Recent advances on the understanding of the Northern Eurasian environments and of the urban air quality in China – Pan Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) program perspective. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 22, 4413–4469,, 2022.

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Kortoçi, P., et al. (2022) Air Pollution Exposure Monitoring using Portable Low-cost Air Quality Sensors, In: Smart health, 23

Berger, R. J. F., et al. (2022) Integration of global ring currents using the Ampere-Maxwell law, In: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 24, 2, p. 624-628.


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Laine, A.M. et al. (2021) Impact of long‐term water level drawdown on functional plant trait composition of northern peatlands. Functional ecology, 35, 2342-2357,

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Zhu X., et al.: (2021) Assessment of a portable UV–Vis spectrophotometer’s performance in remote areas: Stream water DOC, Fe content and spectral data. Data in Brief. 35, 106747.   

Zhu X., et al.: (2021) Assessment of a portable UV–Vis spectrophotometer’s performance for stream water DOC and Fe content monitoring in remote areas. Talanta. 224, 121919.  

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