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ACCC Management

Steering Board

The highest administrative body of ACCC is the Steering Board. It carries out joint strategic planning and follow-up of ACCC resources.

  • Jouni Hirvonen, Vice-Rector, University of Helsinki, Chair
  • Jussi Kaurola, Director General, Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Jukka Mönkkönen, Rector, University of Eastern Finland
  • Mari Walls, President, Tampere University

Science and Impact Advisory Board (SIAB)

The independent and international Science and Impact Advisory Board (SIAB) evaluates the strategy and results of the ACCC Flagship in terms of science and

SIAB Members

  • Kaarle Hämeri, SIAB Chair, UH Chancellor, University of Helsinki
  • Hanna Lappalainen, SIAB Secretary, ACCC Impact coordinator, INAR, University of Helsinki
  • Markku Kulmala, ACCC Director, INAR, University of Helsinki
  • Mari Pantsar, Director The Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA
  • Petteri Taalas, Secretary General WMO
  • Werner Kutsch, ICOS ERIC Director
  • Ilkka Herlin, Chair of Board Cargotec Ltd.
  • Tomas Otterstrom, Advisory, KPMG
  • Jouni Keronen, Executive Director for Climate Leadership Council (CLC)
  • Allen Goldstein, Prof. University of California
  • Guo Huadong, UN Science Advisor
  • Juhani Damski, Ministry of the Environment, Permanent Secretary
  • Markku Ollikainen, Finnish Climate Panel chair
  • Maria Kanakidou, University of Crete, Greece
  • Merete Bilde, Aarhus University, Denmark

ACCC Directorate

The ACCC Research Programs are led by ACCC researchers. The Impact Program plans and manages stakeholder co-design regarding knowledge transfer and climate solutions. Research and Impact coordinators coordinate the activities and help to implement the decisions of the management bodies, and work closely with engagement and service teams for the practical work. The Science Executive team and the Impact Program report to the Steering Board and SIAB through the ACCC Directorate.

ACCC Director

Markku Kulmala, University of Helsinki

ACCC Vice-Directors

Jaana Bäck, University of Helsinki

Ari Laaksonen, Finnish Meteorological Institute​

Miikka Dal Maso, University of Tampere

Annele Virtanen, University of Eastern Finland

Directorate Secretariat

Anna Lintunen, University of Helsinki

For ACCC Office contacts, please refer to the Contact Us page.