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Interactions of Earth Components (InterEarth) – the new Academy of Finland university strategic profiling (Profi) project lead by University of Helsinki

Interactions of Earth Components (InterEarth) project was selected and awarded Academy of Finland funding under the University Strategic Profiling (Profi) scheme with the topic “A sustainable and viable future for our globe“, under the application of University of Helsinki. The new Profi project is coordinated by Anna Lintunen (INAR- University of Helsinki), the ACCC Research Coordinator. It aims to be “a hub for integrative environmental research, focusing on the interactions and feedback between all Earth components – biosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere and atmosphere. ”   

“I am really excited about this opportunity to increase interdisciplinary collaboration between several top-level research groups at the University studying different parts of the Earth system,” says Lintunen. “Utilizing comprehensive data from UH’s 8 research stations and combining it with AI analysis, allows us to tackle many burning research questions that are crucial for the sustainable future.“ Anna Lintunen, InterEarth Coordinator

Read full details in the University of Helsinki news piece here.