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Edu4Climate: Higher Education Institutions from six EU countries join forces on a European Excellence Initiative Network for Climate & Atmospheric Sciences

The Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) of University of Helsinki is Partner to a newly funded EU project focused on developing education and training on climate and atmospheric science.

The Edu4Climate Consortium received funding of €2 million from the European Commission’s Horizon
Europe Coordination & Support Action (CSA) “European Excellence Initiative” (EEI) programme (under
grant agreement no. 101071247) for the establishment of a European Higher Education Institutions
Network for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences.

During its 4-year duration, Edu4Climate will lead capacity-building actions in two widening countries,
Cyprus and Greece, the strengthening of their Higher Education European networks and their cooperation
with surrounding national ecosystems, on research & innovation activities to address challenges relating
to air pollution and climate change in support of the EU Green Deal, with a specific focus on the Eastern
Mediterranean and Middle East (EMME). The EMME is a region within and surrounding the EU, that is
experiencing rapid population growth, has a complex socio-political landscape and has been recognized
as a global climate change “hotspot”, and as such, it holds strategic significance for the success of EU and
global climate efforts to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Recognizing the urgent need to address the unfolding climate crisis, Edu4Climate will work towards
forming a European Universities Alliance that will act as a regional hub to advance scientific knowledge
and develop innovative climate solutions. To achieve its ambitious objectives, the Edu4Climate
Consortium brings together twelve (12) Partners from six (6) EU countries – Cyprus, Greece, France,
Austria, Finland and Germany. Edu4Climate is Coordinated by the Climate and Atmosphere Research
Center of Excellence (CARE-C) of the Cyprus Institute, with Consortium Partners including Higher
Education Institutions: the University of Crete (Greece), Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
(France), Universität Wien (Austria), the University of Helsinki (Finland) and the University of Bremen
(Germany); Public bodies, the Department of Labour Inspection (DLI) of the Cyprus Ministry of Labour,
Welfare and Social Insurance, the Municipality of Aglantzia (Cyprus) and the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos
(Greece); and SMEs Raymetrics (Greece), ADITESS Ltd (Cyprus) and Altus Ltd (Greece). The Consortium
also takes advantage of the scientific regional networks of CARE-C in the EMME region.

Edu4ClimAte will engage its European Partners to strengthen and align their respective Educational and
Training programs in Climate and Atmosphere science, establish new impact-oriented Research
Infrastructures on decarbonization and atmospheric model prediction, and co-develop innovative
environmental products and services with their respective surrounding ecosystems to address climate-
relevant challenges across the EMME region. Edu4ClimAte will enhance local, regional, and international
clusters led by its consortium to build the foundations for an inclusive European Universities Alliance in
Climate & Atmospheric Sciences to support the EU Green Deal ambition and its regional challenges, as
well as train and educate the next generation of researchers and innovators to achieve the EU long-term
2050 climate-neutrality objectives.