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ForClimate: Managing Forests for Climate Change Mitigation

The ForClimate project explores how forests should be managed to strengthen their role in combating climate change. To do so, the ForClimate consortium made up of the University of Helsinki, LUKE and the Finnish Meteorological Institute received ~two million euros from the Academy of Finland as part of the Academy’s Key Areas for Green and Digital Transition 2021 funding call. This is in support with Finland’s Sustainable Growth Programme and its green transition.

In ForClimate we will analyze the effects of different forest management methods on the carbon sink and other climate impacts of forests, in the context of climate change, by combining comprehensive measurement data on boreal forests and the atmosphere with versatile forest growth modeling.

We are developing a process-based and management-oriented synthesis model MottiC+ that will be made available for public use in an online stand simulation tool. The model can be used to evaluate the interaction between the forest and the atmosphere in different forest management and climate scenarios and on different scales. In addition to carbon sinks, the model also takes into account other climate impacts of the forest (other greenhouse gases, atmospheric fine particles and albedo).

To optimize the usability and efficiency of the open model and simulation tool, the project is collaborating with forest sector partners MTK, Metsäteollisuus ry, Metsähallitus and Tapio, in addition to the research partners. We aim that our model and simulation tool will be used by the forest sector in their work to evaluate forest management impacts covering the full climate impact of boreal forests in different climate scenarios.

We are also producing an open MOOC online course on forest use and climate impact based on the model!

The project is funded from 01.Jan.2022 to 31.Dec.2024 (Suomen Akatemia).


For more information on ForClimate contact the project coordinator Anna Lintunen (INAR – University of Helsinki) at anna.lintunen(a)

ACCC group leaders involved in the project include: Markku Kulmala (Project Leader, University of Helsinki), Anna Lintunen (University of Helsinki), Annalea Lohila (FMI), Annikki Mäkelä (University of Helsinki), Leif Backman (FMI), Ivan Mammarella (University of Helsinki), Laura Riuttanen (University of Helsinki) and Jaana Bäck (University of Helsinki). The partnership with LUKE is led by Jari Hynynen.

ForClimate website:

Credit: Juho Aalto (INAR, University of Helsinki)