The ACCC begins with a Brainstorm Meeting

The Atmospheric and Climate Competence Center (ACCC) is a new Flagship funded by the Suomen Akatemia. This morning we kicked off with a Brainstorm Seminar with ACCC partners, stakeholders and collaborators.

The Meetings began with greetings and encouraging words for the way forward by each of the 4 collaborating institutes: The University of Helsinki, Tampere University, The Finnish Meteorological Institute and The University of Eastern Finland.

The ACCC Flagship is taking shape in a collaborative way with a strong multidisciplinary research network and forces joint with policy, business and education sectors.

Secretary General of the WMO Peeteri Taalas congratulated the efforts of the ACCC after enlisting some of the most recent conclusions of the state of our climate and the pressing challenges we face.

The head of the ACCC Academician Markku Kulmala from INAR- University of Helsinki presented the scope and aims of the Center, including the strength of its 7 research programmes, its impact program and boost tracks on innovation and business development.

At the end of the Meeting Academician Markku Kulmala announced the official ACCC kickoff on 18th February 2021!